An award-winning illustrator who loves to creates pieces filled with texture, magic and colors.
I’ve been working as a full-time illustrator since 2018, but I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember. Fantasy stories and illustrations has always been my greatest passion, and I began my career through creating fantasy illustrations. My first published artworks appeared  in Fantom magazine. Focusing on creating imaginative worlds led me to children’s illustration, whitch remains my favorite form of expression to this day.
I also have experience working as a character designer and concept artist. As a freelancer I also created storyboards and illustrations for 2D animations.
After 6 years of gaining experience I mainly focus on kidlit art, but I also create illustrations for older audience,
such as fantasy art, posters, portraits, book covers, concept arts, character designs, art for media campaigns, board games, and patterns. I create digital artworks with traditional media touch.
In my work I’m greatly inspired by nature, animals – especially my beloved dog Fury, people and their stories shared over good food.
To learn a bit more about me and my work, check the FAQ section.


•The Wounded Turtle, Michele Halpern, 2024
•A Christmas Tree Love Story,
Isabelle Ulliana, 2023
•The Paramhans, Prem Ras Books, 2023
•In Search of Happiness,
Aga Akrout, 2023
•Feathers from Above
, Kathleen Davis, 2022
•Dinozaury, Marek Marcinowski, 2022
•Podwodny Świat, Marek Marcinowski, 2022
•Vivaja, Za Górami Publishing House, 2022
•Recepta na Szczęście, Wilga Publishing House, 2022
•Znaki, Dziwimisie Publishing House, 2021
•The Tree of Wonder, Anna Smithers, Orange Lotus Publishing, 2021
•Ekoliski, Misja ratowania Ziemi, Marek Marcinowski, 2021
•O tym jak powstał Rabkoland, Mateusz Świstak, Rabkoland, 2020
•Yogi Relaxation, Anna Smithers, Orange Lotus Publishing, 2020
•Yogi Superhero, Anna Smithers, Orange Lotus Publishing, 2019
•Yogi Adventures in Nature, Anna Smithers, Orange Lotus Publishing, 2019
•Przez Czas i Przestrzeń, Kłobook Publishing House, 2019
Cmentarzysko, Kłobook Publishing House, 2018.

Awards and contests:
2022 winner in ’books for young people’ category for the book „Feathers from Above”, written by Kathleen Davis.  

• The 30’th International Clip Studio Paint Illustration Contest – the Skies
Clip Studio Paint Illustration contest is an annualy worldwilde event for professional and beginner illustrators
from all over the world. I’ve had great privilage to be one of the winners, from almost 4000 contestents.