„Will you illustrate my book?”
There’s always that possibility. I’d be thrilled to take on new and exciting projects. If you think your text could interest me and you feel that my style best suits your story, write a few words about your project using the guidelines provided in the contact section.

„Do you work with self-pub clients?”
Absolutely. If the story you’ve written seems interesting to me and I feel that my style would suit it, then yes. Some of my most enjoyable collaborations have been with self-published authors.

„Can I commission a single illustration from you? If so, what’s the process from order to receiving the illustration?”
While I don’t often take on individual commissions, it’s possible. I’m very open to working on posters or personalized portraits for private commissions if I can fit them in between commercial projects.
For private commissions, you’ll receive the product for personal use only, which means you can’t reproduce or sell the final illustration. If you have such a need, please inform me before I provide a quote.
The process for such an order is straightforward and divided into two stages: sketching and finalizing the illustration. The price includes three revisions during the sketching stage and up to three proposed scenes. Everything I create is based on the materials you provide (pictires, etc.). Upon approving the sketch, I begin the process of finalizing the illustration. You’ll receive a digital file for self-printing or a ready-made poster if you prefer. I collaborate with Pangolin printing house in Łódź. Printing and shipping are additional costs as the illustration price covers only its creation and providing a digital file ready for printing.

„What is the price for a custom poster?”
It’s hard to give a definitive answer as it depends on the complexity of the illustration. To simplify, posters with two characters on the full page background start at 650 PLN gross and increase with the level of detail and the number of people in the illustration. Below, you can see some of my sample projects made on commission, ranging from 600 to 1500 PLN gross.

„What are the rates for illustrations?”
The rates for illustrations — for books and other projects — are always individually assessed and depend on factors such as:
-quantity and type of illustrations,
-work style,
-does the contract only include a flat fee or also royalty rates,
-level of detail in the illustrations,
-type of license or rights transfer provided,
-duration of the granted license,
-number of fields of exploitation included in the licensing agreement,
-project timeline, 
-complexity of the project,
-any other additional client-specific requirements.
With so many factors influencing the price, providing a specific amount before knowing project details would be misleading. There could always be a factor that might alter the pricing.
Therefore, if you’re interested in collaboration, I highly encourage presenting as many project details as possible so that the team of agents I work with, can offer the best possible deal for you and your team.
I’d also like to emphasize that contacting the agency regarding collaboration is entirely non-binding, and the proposed price is always open to negotiation.

„What does your workflow look like?”
Over the years, I’ve developed a workflow that works best for long-term projects, such as creating illustrations for a book. With time, I’ve also adapted it for shorter collaborations.
-understanding project details,
-signing an agreement,
-providing a quote (50% as a deposit to secure the project before starting work, and 50% upon accepting the final illustrations),
-booking a timeslot,
-reviewing the text/brief,
-gathering ideas, conceptual work, client’s brief, creating moodboards, creating concept art for main characters,
-drafting sketches, potential revisions (this stage involves the most intensive communication with a client),
-approval of sketches,
-depending on the client’s preference: preparing a color palette for approval or directly starting the coloring process. Typically, I begin with finishing one smaller illustration for the client to review, and if it meets expectations, I proceed to color the remaining illustrations,
-sending all illustrations for approval. At this stage, minor adjustments to the illustrations that do not affect the composition and scene are possible. Any revisions that require significant changes should be raised during the sketch stage. If you decide you need to change the whole scene at this stage, it will requires an extra fee.
-payment of the remaining amount for the service,
-sending files in the agreed-upon format.

„How long do I have to wait for a slot?”
The waiting time for a slot fluctuates and typically ranges from 4 months to a year. For smaller projects (up to 5 illustrations), the waiting time might be shorter.

„Can I collaborate with you outside the agency?”
Yes, if you’re from Poland. Otherwise, I highly encourage you to trust the team of professionals who are part of the Illustration X team. The benefits of collaborating through the agency are immense. Certainly, I prioritize the safety of our collaboration and support and care for our mutual interests. The people working for the agency have extensive, years-long experience in the industry, which they are always eager to share with you during our collaboration.

„Where can I buy your illustrations?”
Soon, you’ll be able to purchase selected illustrations as prints on my website. I’m currently working on setting up the store. I aim to sell my work directly to ensure the highest quality of service for you and eliminate unnecessary costs, such as commissions for intermediaries. Thank you for your patience, and I encourage you to follow my social media channels where I’ll keep you updated on everything related to the start of sales.

„Do you issue invoices?”
I run a business and issue invoices for the services provided. I am not a VAT payer.

„Do you have more than one working style?”
Experimenting with styles is one of the most enjoyable aspects of skill development. It’s an ongoing process that brings me a lot of satisfaction. The style I’ve developed over the years is often described as magical, painterly, or whimsical. I like using brushes resembling dry pastels, blending paint, and emphasizing details with clear lines. Illustrations created in this manner have dominated my portfolio for a long time, naturally fitting my favorite themes – nature and animals.
However, lately, I’ve become more interested in portraying humans. I’m fascinated by artists who can convey character emotions in illustrations using just a few strokes and minimal colors. I also love the cartoon style. I have been working on developing my skills in that direction. It’s not easy, as sometimes I tend to pay excessive attention to insignificant details. If my style were to evolve, I’d prefer it to involve a somewhat simpler line while maintaining the painterly characteristic typical of my previous works and style. If I were to specify the number of styles I currently work in, I’d distinguish two: detailed, painterly fantasy and a slightly more sparing style, mainly used when creating characters or concept art.

„How did you become an illustrator?”
The path to becoming an illustrator in my case was somewhat circuitous. From the age of eighteen, I worked in retail as a manager, and at a certain point in my life, I reached a place where I knew I didn’t want my life to look that way. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve learned a lot, and gained a great experience, I just felt like that’s not what I love. Painting had always been my passion, and creating my own book or animation was a big unfulfilled dream. This childhood dream was reignited after reading Neil Gaiman’s book, 'Coraline.’ At the age of 35, with nothing to lose, I began the process of transitioning careers. I spent evenings learning graphic software, composition, character design techniques, all while still working full-time. When I think today about the determination I needed to get to where I am, I am very proud of myself.

„Is this your full-time job?”
Yes, I’m immensely grateful for that.

Where did you find your first clients?”
Mainly on social media, in groups that connect clients and freelancers, but also on websites offering jobs for creators and freelancers. I also received a few commissions through recommendation. I was quite active on artist platforms like ArtStation and Instagram (in the times when it was a great place for sharing photos and images). Additionally, I actively sent my portfolio to publishing houses and illustration agencies.

„What drawing technique do you use?”
My work is entirely created using digital techniques. I create in Photoshop. Currently, I’m also learning to use Procreate.

„How did you find the agency? Do you have any advice for someone looking for representation?”
Through actively sending out my portfolio. I also briefly collaborated with an agency that reached out to me.
Having an agent can significantly help in your career development. If you’re seeking representation, perhaps you’ll find helpful some tips I once received from more experienced colleagues in the industry. It’s definitely worthwhile to send your portfolio only to those agencies that showcase a style on their websites that resonates with you and where you feel comfortable. It’s also essential for our portfolio to have a consistent style. For the client, it’s important to know what they can expect from our work. If you feel your work needs improvement, it’s worth investing time and some money in a professional portfolio review conducted by someone from the industry you’re interested in. In my case, this was a milestone in skill development and directly related to being invited to collaborate by an agency.

„Are you working on any personal projects?”
I have a few plans related to personal projects. I hope that at least one of them will see the light of day this year.

„Do you give painting lessons?”
Although I’m flattered by such inquiries, I always decline. I am self-taught illustrator, and my technique is very intuitive. There are certainly many areas where I can still learn on my own. For that reason, I believe I’m not the right person to pass on knowledge to others. However, I’m always eager to point out resources that I find valuable and that might aid in skill development.

„What do you do in your spare time?”
I spend time with friends, engage in sports, read, and spend time with my beloved dog. I have very little free time as work occupies most of my day. I prefer to allocate spare moments to personal professional projects. I must admit that keeping the work-life balance is a significant challenge for me. I recently experienced health issues as a consequence. Therefore, I’ve been trying not to use my computer on weekends for some time and I’m strict about maintaining a five-day workweek.

„When are you available?”
For all my clients, I am available five days a week, from Monday to Friday, until approximately 6 PM Central European Time. I don’t check emails on weekends (except for urgent assignments, but this is always arranged in advance) and I don’t work on commercial projects during that time.

Thank you for reading 🙂
If you feel like I missed something important drop me a line here 🙂 I’ll appreciate it!